Top 5 Most Frightening ASYLUMS & HOSPITALS in the World

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Top 5 Most Frightening Asylums & Hospitals in the World

Asylums and hospitals are supposed to be places for healing but unfortunately that isn’t always what happened within their walls. In older, abandoned instituations, sometimes sinister torture occurred that has left behind a dark impression that still exists today. The places on this list gained a reputation not just for what went on during their heyday, but more so for what went on afterward. These are the Top 5 Most Frightening Asylums & Hospitals in the World.

5. Eloise Hospital

Considered the most haunted location in Michigan, the Eloise Hospital or Asylum has become synonymous with ghost stories and hauntings.

First opening in 1839, it was named after Eloise Davock, the daughter of Detroit’s then-postmaster. The structure operated from 1839 thru 1982 and was initially created as a poor house and farm. Eventually, additional structures were added into what would become The Eloise Hospital, The Eloise Infirmary and the Eloise Sanatorium. All three made up one large complex and At its height, it had become such a self-sufficient place that it even had its own postal code.

4. Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital

Considered by CNN as one of the eeriest places to exist on Earth, the Gonjiam Psychiatric Clinic can be found in the small remote village of Gwangju, South Korea.

Set against the backdrop of a lush forest, the now-abandoned psychiatric hospital has been left to ruins after it mysteriously closed down in 1995. Although no one knows for sure why it closed, there were a number of reasons put forth. Some were mundane saying it was primarily an issue in sewage disposal, and that the building didn’t have the proper systems in place.

3. Ohio State Reformatory

Originally called the Mansfield Reformatory, Ohio State Reformatory is not only well known for its dark and sinister legacy but also because of its beautiful Gothic architecture. It first opened in 1886 with Its main purpose to humanely rehabilitate first time offenders. This goal earned the reformatory praise for its revolutionary step towards prison reform. But while this was a noble persuit, it didn’t fully translate into reality. Over time, prison operations deteriorated and since then it has left a brutal legacy of abuse, torture and murder within its walls. The reformatory was officially closed in 1990.

2. Tranquille Sanatorium

Built in 1907, the Tranquille Sanatorium sits in a small town known simply as Tranquille in British Columbia, Canada. This sanatorium was first set up by King George the 7th as a primary center for treating and containing tuberculosis patients.

The 191-acre property had more than 40 buildings and became a self-sufficient community. At least four of these became hospitals while the rest were cottages for the doctors, a fire hall, a school, barns and more. Under ground, an extensive tunnel system was built and used by staff and patients to get from one building to another with ease

1. Danvers Lunatic Asylum

Built towards the end of the 19th century, Danvers Lunatic Asylum has become an iconic structure in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

Set on a hilltop, the asylum occupied 1.5 miles of land and followed the strict mental asylum system known as the Kirkbride Plan. With this design, the central administrative building was placed at the center while the buildings towards the East housed the female patients and the West reserved for the males. The farthest buildings were places for the most “dysfunctional” patients, essentially the ones put in cages.

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