The Black Combo – Forbidden Beauty -Subliminal

hiiiiii welcome backkkkk to my channel how are ya?
have you ever felt a powerful magnetism with the night?
do you want the forbidden beauty and the secrets of the night?
are you ready for BLACK?

🌹extremely detailed
🌹POSITIVE affirmations
🌹layered INFINITE
🌹permanent results

👑the forbidden beauty
👑black silk long hair
👑fast hair growth
👑powerful deep irresistible hypnotic magnetism
👑powerful magic abilities
👑be invisible in the darkness
👑skin that glows like that stars in the moonlight
👑animal telepathy
👑all psychic abilities
👑have friends with real magic abilities
👑know the forbidden hidden ancient wisdom and knowledge
👑flawless magical skin
👑desired skin color
👑immune to fear
👑mysterious magnetic deep unexplainable aura
👑unique charisma
👑alluring voice
👑magnetic facial features
👑activate your DNA
👑activate your dormant powers
👑heal your whole body
👑magic life
👑super positivity
👑desired partner
👑desired pet
👑powerful protection
👑hypnotic abilities
👑crush thinks about you 24/7
👑perfect desired body
👑night energy
👑rare hypnotic eyes
👑stars blessing
👑universe energy
👑and much more

listen as much as you want
headphones are optional
yes it works with 1 ear bud ( i bet you wanted to ask this 😉 )
only Positive affirmations
you can download in WAV or FLAC
you can listen even if English is not your native language

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