(In tune with nature) Awaken/Stimulate/Activate/Balance/Tune/Guide your Chi. Visualize yourself controlling and guiding your Chi, your energy. The frequencies/vibrations in the music/soundscapes are designed to stimulate your Chi energy. Very useful with meditation, Yoga, Martial Arts stylized movements, etc.. Personally I believe the “Aura” is the same thing as the Chi. The only difference is a […]

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Everything about Aventurine to bring prosperity, motivation, success & focus! Personal readings are the perfect way to gain insight for spiritual growth, and engage in self care. Reading requests can be made at We are all about a well-rounded approach to self care. This is merely the spiritual part. Never feel ashamed to get treatment […]

THE ABSOLUTE INFINITE CHRISTMAS GIFT ⭐🎅🎄🎅⭐ LIGHT SHIELDING THYSELF AND THE PLANET IN 432Hz + WATER PROGRAMMER Holiday message from Anja- This from DrVirtual7 and me will spread light in and around you like you’ve never experienced it before. Listening to it on a daily basis will grow your light body, it will make the […]

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Empathic Healing Abilities (HOW TO BECOME A HEALER)// In this video I am going to go over a few different ways on how to become a healer. Taking care of yourself spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally are huge in awakening the gift of healing within you. Connecting with nature and learning more about crystals are essential […]

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Today’s Tree Card is: Willow for Intuition and the Unseen. Follow your intuition to work harmoniously within cycles, rather than fight against them. Unseen forces may be at work and you may not have all the information. Pay attention to your dreams for magical powers are at hand. The otherrealms are wide open to you […]

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