Spiritual Medicine Digest August 9, 2018: Have You Been Multi-Proxying?

Dr. Karen fills us in on what’s been happening this past week.

To start, we were notified of a brand new, evolved morphic field of self-reliance that can be downloaded now! Definitely something you’ll want to check out.

Biggest news: the tendency to multi-proxy has been rampant. What does this mean? Simply that energetically you can process other peoples’ stuff- yes peoples’ plural! If you thought proxying for one person was a lot, multi-proxying can be a doozy!

Thankfully Dr. Karen helps explore strategies to handle multi-proxying, especially for those greatly affected- that’s you empaths, light being star seeds, and earth angels! Something you may not have thought of: if you direct healing to this you’re proxying for the results may surprise you!

If you’re new to muscle testing, there’s a free class coming to your student portals for this of you coming to the Supercharge You Healing Powers event happening September 7 & 8 at the Lake Clear Lodge!

Some fun announcements:
Dr. Karen posted a poll in her private Light Warrior Support Group on Facebook to decide on the topic for the upcoming Light Warrior Revolution class and Light Warrior Radio mini-healing broadcast. If you’re a part of the group, head over and help us choose!

Monday’s radio show airing at noon EST will be a LIVE interview with Jen Oliver on her book The LoveFit Mama Way. Make sure to head over to karenkan.com and join the mailing list to receive access info so you can call in and ask questions!

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Source: Karen Kan

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