Sirius Energy Affinity – Attune To Pure Sirian Energy – Subliminal Affirmations

the time has come to connect with the spiritual sun.
the real home of Greeks
the sirian energy will change you completely , since the ancient times the sirian energy is the main reason behind every big event on earth and it will change your life forever!!!

This attunement is permanent , Once you start you can never go back !!! ,Sirian energy is extremelyyyyyy powerful and is not recommended for people who aren’t ready for symptoms or metaphysical experiences, use it at your own risk!!
affirmations includes:
👑Pure Sirian energy
👑activate and upgrade your DNA
👑Activation of all psychic powers
👑crystalline body
👑spiritual, body ,mind cleanse
👑impurities,blockages,attachments, traumas, energetic debts,karmic debts , oaths,curses, removal
👑enlightenment to the highest level
👑Sirian light protection
👑immune to evil
👑true happiness
👑evil thoughts removal
👑absolute liberation
👑New innovating original ideas
👑absolute awareness expansion
👑master of meditation
👑communicate with the sirian master
👑all sirian powers and abilities
👑infinite sirian wisdom ,intelligence and knowledge
👑higher vibrations and frequencies
👑old self removal
👑spiritual growth
👑emotional growth
👑soul awareness.
👑new life
👑infinite love
👑absolute mindfulness
👑grow to your highest truest level and potential
👑infinite focus
👑bad eye and bad luck removal
👑infinite true
👑master of sirian technology
👑infinite positive changes
👑innovate yourself
👑fear removal
👑go out of your comfort zone
👑absolute healing
👑go beyond your higher self
👑be really Alive
👑absolute awakening
👑Move Into Higher Dimensions
👑soul alignment
👑ego death
👑generosity and kindness
👑life path succession
👑body,energy,mind balance
👑and much much more
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