Shining A Positive Light on The World’s Greatest Psychic, Sylvia Browne

Right here, right now, you’re staring at THE most humanly possible positive feminine energy.

Here are Sylvia’s feminine energy bio numbers: 11111111111122222222233333333333. Here are her nearly absent logical male-left brain energies: 55666 … hence her many illogical mistakes. But her intuitive side was ever-present in truly cosmic proportions.

Notice her massive size. Archon attack spiritual people overtime at night to take them out early to keep their deep-truth awareness and insight truths from the unawakened masses they feed on nightly. I know this first person.

She tops the list of truly intuitive psychics, vastly outscoring Uri Geller. The reason for her many (Archon-driven) cynics is to denounce her abilities which they do adnauseum on youtube in efforts to reduce her following. They work overtime to silence gnostic wisdom.

1,2,3 are the lower “Jesus” energies are the intuitive feminine energies of the firt three houses: Sagittarius (Rat), Scorpio (Pig), and Libra (Dog).

4,5,6 are the higher “Godly” male energies, logical and lack intuition. These are the Virgo through Cancer houses. Psychics being intuitive carry the feminine energy.

Below is a list of famous psychics ranked by intuition energies. (They have a lot of 1,2,3 energies in their biodata).

TRUE Psychics, Best First

*************************** Sylvia Browne
******************——— Peter Hurkos
**************————- Emanuel Swedenborg
*************————– Patrick Price
*************————– Thomas Lethbridge
*************————– Ruth Montgomery
*************————– Uri Geller
***********—————- Gladys Osborne Leonard
**********—————– Robert Monroe
*********—————— Eileen Garrett
*********—————— Andrew Jackson Davis
********——————- Helen Duncan
********——————- Harry Price
********——————- Florence Cook
********——————- Estelle Roberts
*******——————– Harold Puthoff
*******——————– Gordon Higginson
*******——————– John Edwards
*******——————– Erwin Schrodinger
*******——————– May Bangs
******——————— Zibia Gasparetto
*****———————- Leonid Vasiliev
****———————– Rene Warcollier
****———————– Edgar Cayce
****———————– Marilyn Schlitz
***———————— Doris Stokes
————————— Lizzie Bangs

Failed Psychics:
– Limited NATURAL Psychic Ability, Gained Via Practice/Learning

Baba Vanga
Psychic Twins Linda & Terry Jamison
Frederic William Henry Myers
Jeane Dixon
Irene Hughes
Daniel Logan
Joyce Keller
John Holland
Sonia Choquette
Doreen Virtue
Esther Abraham Hicks
Gerard Boekbinder
Ingo Swann
James Van Praagh
Hella Hammid
Zebra Knight
Joseph McMoneagle
Sonya Fitzpatrick
Geraldine Dorothy Cummins
Ena Twigg
Russell Targ
Emma Hardinge Britten
George Anderson
Colette Baron-Reid
Elisabeth Fischer Targ
Tyler Henry Koelewyn
Dean Radin
Chip Coffey
Colin Fry
Arthur Ford
George King
Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina
Jane Roberts
Helen Keller
Burt Goldman

Source: ChaldeanCauldron

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