Janmakshar provides free astology consultation to all person who are suffering from chronic diseases,depression and frustration and have faith in Astrology, Astropathy


He is not a doctor but he can sense symptoms by seeing stars,moon and planetary position to guide you for a better treatment for chronic disorders.


What you should know about yourself before calling to save your and ours time


Name :-

Date Of Birth ( day – month – year ) :-

Birth Time ( hour : min am/pm ) :-

Birth Place ( city, state, country ) :-


Note down above details for yourself or any other person about whom you want to consult on a paper before calling us, so that you don’t need to fetch these details at the time of call.


It will be better if you keep pen and paper along with you while your call , so that you can note down details from your consultation session.

( Note : if you don’t have above mentioned details we will not be able to help you.Language of conversation will be HINDI only  )


Consult with us in person, by mail, email, or phone.

You can mail your query or question at following email address

[email protected]