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We at Janmakshar Jyotish provide various astrology and astropathy related services to individuals, partners( couple ), family.


We offer astrology as well as astropathy services including solutions for problems like destiny, planets, illness, pain, diseases, negative energy, health, wealth, radiations, vibrations, healing, disappointment, evil eye, love, marriage, divorce.


When facing these type of challenging questions, everyone don’t always get a second chance. The right answers can make all the difference in the world.


We at Janmakshar Jyotish reveal the wisdom of Vedic Astrology and Astropathy, so you can make the most of your future.


We at Janmakshar Jyotish provide free of cost astropathy consultation to all children between age 1 – 10 suffering from various chronic diseases.


Consult with us in person, by mail, email, or phone.

You can mail your query or question at following email address

[email protected]

Free Kundli By Email

Don’t have your own KUNDLI, don’t worry get your own KUNDLI by Email from Janmakshar Jyotish. Choose from various Kundli plans while filling the form.

Shree Hanuman Jyotish

Considering discovering answers, attempt this Hanuman Jyotish Prashanawali. Tap on the question and from there on check the turning chakras to discover your answers.