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    Feng Shui Friendly House Plants, Counteract Negative Energy, Bring Good Luck and Wealth
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    Purchase Wind Chimes Online, Shop from an extensive variety of wall hanging brass bells, designer, bamboo, glass, musical wind chimes
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    About Us

    The team of Creative Farmer differentiated by their imagination, knowledge, experience and passion for agriculture brings to you innovative agro products. Our competitiveness rest on the strong foundations of institutional strength derived from quality. We support individuals as well as enterprises to renew their existing landscapes and indoors, with live plants so that the surroundings look more beautiful and brings positive feeling

    Seeds Sowing Now Simple and Easy With Creative Farmer

    Growing plants from seed is a great way to start gardening. Start with a mixture of agro peat, organic manure and soil in 20:20:60 ratio. Agro peat helps to increase water holding capacity of growing medium and also in easy penetration of roots. If good quality agro peat or manure is not available, you may use the available soil. Now open the seed packet on a white sheet of paper, to avoid them from falling out. Insert the seeds into the prepared mixture to half inch of depth. Moisten the newly planted seeds only by sprinkling water. It is advisable not to directly pour water over the saplings as the force of water might damage them. Please note that all seedlings require considerable amount of light and warmth to germinate. Germination may take place within 10-18 days, depending upon different varieties. Once the seeds grow into seedlings approximately around 3 inches, they can be transplanted to pots or desired areas. Diluted amount of organic pesticide could be used to control weeds/pests. For better results, use Organic Manure, Agro peat and Pesticides from Creative farmer. Happy Gardening! Detailed instructions are available at blog.creativefarmer.in

    Legal Disclaimer:

    All Products sold by Creative Farmer brand are intended only for use of hobby gardeners /kitchen gardners , not for commercial use or farming

    Superior Quality Pack of 10 Seeds + Free Gift
    Easy to Grow – Can be grown in indian climate/weather conditions.Do not use for food, feed, or oil purposes,Seeds are only for Gardening Purpose.
    Best Suitable for Terrace Gardening,Grow bag Kitchen Gardening,Terrace Gardening & Roof Top Balcony Gardening
    Complete Customer Support + Growing Instruction Sheets
    A Quality Product from Creative Farmer.Note: Combo will be packed as per the images (Multiple packets in Single Retail cover)

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    Parijaat is one of the leading manufacturer of imitation jewellery in India. Parijaat has its own state-of-the-art manufacturing unit dealing in CZ, American diamond, semiprecious colored stones and pearls.Parijaat pronounces Indian women, utterly traditional in its design but in lines with current trends. The brand provides exclusive color spark collection which includes Colored stone Mangalsutra sets, Pendant Sets, Maharashtrian Choker Sets, Color stone necklace sets and Earcuffs at affordable prices. It ensures you product reliability and satisfaction as our pride is in your contentment.Material:Metal
    Department :Women

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    Live Sweet Cherry Fruit Plant, This Is 2 year Old Plant.Live barbados cherry fruit plant
    Image is for illustration purpose only
    Healthy live plant

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    Plant Grown Nutrient & Moisturizing Crystal Balls A Kind Of Water Absorbent Polymers That Can Be Used For Indoor Plants Growing Contain Tiny Holes (Cannot Be Seen By Bare Eyes) That Hold Air And Water Droplets Provide Oxygen & Nutrition, Helping Plants To Grow Simply Add Water To Activate The Little Beads To Turn Them Into Crystal Soil Bio-Degradable, Environmentally Safe & Easy-Swelling Odor Free And Insect Free — Ideal For Home/ Office With Attractive Appearance After Swelling Also The Best Decoration For Vase, Soil, Gardening And Artificial PlantsA kind of water absorbent polymers that can be used for indoor plants growing
    Simply add water to activate the little beads to turn them into crystal soil
    Provide oxygen & nutrition, helping plants to grow
    Also the best decoration for vase, soil, gardening and artificial plants
    Odor free and insect free — ideal for home/ office. More than 100 Pieces in one pack

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    Artist Aruna Nene brings out a landscape from the depth of a bamboo grove. The perspective is unique as it is quite difficult to penetrate a family of bamboos and try looking at the world from within this comfort. The artist displays a adroit use of brush strokes and palette knife work to ensure the replication of the bamboo textures.

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    Two Layered Lucky Bamboo Plant Is Perhaps The Most Popular Indoor Plant In The World. We Offer A High Quality Range Of Decorative Bamboo Plants; This Is Provided In Different Color Planters. Our Lucky Planters For Lucky Plants Are Available In Metal And Plastic In Different Colors. Our Lace Finished Bamboo Is The Best Decorative Bamboo Plants For Indoor Gardening. Our Lucky Bamboo With Colorful Planters Not Only Helps In Your Home Decor But Also Bring Good Luck And Prosperity For All As It Is Green. As Per The Chinese Tradition You Can Use Our Planters As Feng Shui Element. To Use Lucky Bamboo For Feng Shui, It Must Represent All Five Elements Of Feng Shui. That Is Water, Earth, Fire, Wood And Metal. Water: It Is Very Much Important To Fill The Lucky Bamboo Container With Water Every Time To Sustain Its Life. Earth: Use Pebbles As The Substitutes For Earth To Grow Your Lucky Bamboo Tree. Fire: Red Color Ribbon Tied To Our Plant Which Symbolizes The Fire. Metal: Our Planters Are Made Up Of Galvanized Metal So They Represent The Metal. Wood: The Bamboo Stalk Itself Represents The Wood.***Buy Original, sold and fulfilled by Trust basket***
    Trust Basket Lucky Bamboo is Two-layered Lucky Bamboo.
    In Chinese, lucky bamboo is known as Fu Gwey Zhu. Fu: Luck and fortune Gwey: Power and honor Zhu: Bamboo.
    Appealing, elegant and easy to grow.
    Material: Galvanized Metal.

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    3 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plants With Ceramic PotLucky Bamboo Plants
    Natural Bamboo Plants

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    Magic water beads provide soil-free cultivation for flowers Perfect for soil alternative, flower arrangements, wedding centerpieces, home decorations, Material: Polymer gel Color: mix colors – Size: Approx. 2-3mm diameter Size.Magically change the size from 2 mm to 10-15 mm
    Colour – Mixed
    Material: Polymer gel

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    This volume uncovers contemporary architecture and design’s resurgent love affair with bamboo. Light, stiff, strong and incre-dibly fast growing, bamboo is a true super-plant, and in construction it is becoming a super-material. A comprehensive introduction explores all as-pects that architects working with bamboo will need to consider. Bamboo has traditionally been used in many cultures around the world, and its influence is spreading. Collected here are some of the most beautiful, creative and cutting edge bamboo projects of recent years, accompanied by photos, plans and inspirations.Links International,Ceg

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    Feng shui Lucky Bamboo Plant for Good luckNature Fresh
    Set Of 2
    Indoor Plant

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    Money Plants are very beautiful plants which requires minimal care and are easy to maintain. They are considered to as luck bringing plants. Creates pleasing environment for home and garden. They are considered as lucky plants, which bring wealth, health, prosperity and happiness in the house, according to Fengshui. Place them in the southeast of your home. Avoid keeping the plant in Northeast corner of the house. Scientists recommend keeping one plant near each computer, television, or WiFi router to absorb radiations. Placing a money plant in front of a sharp corner or angle reduces anxiety and stress. They also act as air purifiers. They are efficient at removing airborne toxins such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Light: Give the Money Plant bright, indirect sunlight. Too much sunlight can burn the foliage and increase variegation. Water: When the soil looks dry at the top its time to water the plant, and give the Money Plant enough water so that it drains from the bottom of the pot, but don’t allow it to sit in water. Important: Upon delivery please remove any packaging from the plant. Water thoroughly, as the plant may have been in transit for several days. Please note that each plant is unique so there may be a slight variation in the actual product. Assured safe packaging and secure delivery.Pleasing Appearance and Luck Bringing Plant
    Material: Natural Plant & Quality Plastic Pot (Maroon)
    Plant with Pot Height: 7 inches To 9 inches
    Pot Diameter: 4 inches (10 cm), Height: 3 inches (8 cm)
    Quantity: 1 Piece (Plant With Pot)

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    Do you feel that your house is missing something? Let me guess…..Beauty. You want to bring that soothing environment that comes by nature, the best way to accomplish that I know of, is growing Lucky bamboo. Before we jump off to how to grow the plant, let me tell you two things that you are going to love about the plant.
    First, this plant is easy to take care of. It won’t take up most of your time; second, it adds more artistic beauty to your living room. Now let us begin on how we can grow it…