Private Readings (delivered in 24-48 hours)
For a reading it is:
$50 for 30 minutes
$75 for 45 minutes
$90 for 60 minutes

Once you have decided which one you would like payment is to be made to:

Then please email me at [email protected] confirming the reading you purchased and provide me with your DOB, first name and your questions. If the reading is in regards to someone else please provide me with their first name and DOB also.

I will provide you a private link to the reading. The reading will be done and provided 24 hours after you have paid. Just keep in mind my timezone which is GMT London.

Other services:
Chakra cleanse:
$55 for a heart chakra cleanse
$111 for a full cleanse (I recommend this one as it a full cleanse)

If you are confused what they are please email me and we can talk about it and I can explain it all.

Please remember that all private readings are for your entertainment purposes and should never replace professional advice of any kind. You are all your own best guides and navigators for making important life decisions. Never under estimate your own ability to make just the right decision in any given situation!

Source: Moonlight Guidance

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