Let’s Play Psychic World #04: A Psy-worthy Plot Twist

As Lucia continues to chase the monster that kidnapped her sister, she’s getting closer to its final destination and perhaps some answers as to what’s going on. Why would the monster take Cecile into some faraway ruins? It’s not likely to be the creature’s lair, especially with it being full of still active and dangerous looking machinery that’ll best Lucia if we’re not careful. Is there a shadowy figure pulling the strings in this whole adventure, one who seeks for Lucia to fail? The only way we’re going to get answers is to keep up the chase and hope that Lucia’s psychic powers are enough to see her through. If not, the repercussions might be felt a lot further than Lucia can possibly imagine…

Psychic World was a game that surprised me with its depth and intricacies, strengths that aren’t readily apparent at a glance. I went in expecting a by-the-numbers platformer and instead was treated to some quite interesting puzzles that reward the player for making the most of their various abilities. The graphics are vibrant and eye-catching and the music sticks in my head quite a while beyond my play session with the game. The plot is unremarkable and predictable but such was the norm for games of this type back then. It’s also a short experience but again, most platformers of the time were. The bosses however are somewhat of a let-down compared to the levels that precede them; I’d of liked to see some more challenging fights as a capstone to each level, but that’s a minor complaint at best. All in all, the game was great fun to play and I encourage you to give it a go yourself if you want a brief but enjoyable experience.

So what’s next? I don’t think I’m done with the Master System quite yet. There are some shining gems amongst the software released for the machine and while I can’t say I know all of them, there are a couple that I know of which I enjoyed, at least what I played of them. The system was one whose games I never got around to completing when I got them, but perhaps I can slowly change that here. Either way, I think Lucia and Cecile deserve some time to relax after their adventure, don’t you? Here’s to hoping that they’ll quickly find new jobs, ones that are quite a bit less dangerous.

See you next let’s play!


Source: Kikoskia

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