HUGE AMETHYST GEODE CLUSTER | Large Quartz Crystal Gemstone | Top Healing Mineral for Meditation

This is one of the largest Amethyst Quartz Crystal Geode Clusters discovered in recent times. This spectacular mineral specimen was unearthed in the South American country of Uruguay. The region of Artigas is known for some of the highest quality Amethyst found anywhere in the world. This dazzling gem is a true representation of the majestic beauty hidden in the earth’s crust. This cluster is made up of millions of sparkly purple quartz crystal points interspersed with many gemmy yellow calcite crystal formations. What an amazing gemstone! This cluster was valued at $160K.
The workmanship to reveal the inside of this beautiful extra-large geode is especially exquisite. Multiple openings have been cut into the basalt rock geode, enabling us to enjoy the dazzling crystals inside this massively huge geode formation. Each hole’s edge is carefully hand polished, making this mineral a highly sought-after and valuable collector’s item.
Amethyst is a valuable stone not only for it’s beautiful appearance, but also for its energetic qualities. Sensitive people use this special gem to enhance their meditation practice and deepen their intuitive abilities.

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