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10th, 19th & 28th October 2018 are the 10/10 portals! Yogic affluence for the powerful affirmations availed for this powerful portal opening! A beautiful blend of chants, breathing practices, visualizations and profound affirmations along with the sounds of the Tibetan singing bowl, beautiful music and calming & psychedelic visuals for enhanced experience!

YOU are ALL that you are!

1010, abundance awaits you, all you’re asked, by the Angels and Divine powers in the Universe, is to remain optistic, speak your truth with intent and kindness….. Your dreams are coming true it is time to realign your energies for your highest good.

This is a guided meditation for getting prepared
for the chakra opening,
for realizing your full potential and
for the mindset to attract abundance.

10/10 is a very powerful portal, a gateway for many self empowering aspects and knowledge, the effect of such portals remain open transfusive for a few days prior and after the date. This energy is highest on the date and a little lesser in the shadow periods, but it is vital to utilize this energetic portal for enhanced Light-work and Empowerment.

Apart form the powerful channeled affirmations, there is third eye opening suggestions for different aspects of the three fold flame, enhanced in this pivotal portal gateway, of Empowerment, Feeling of Love and Infinte Wisdom.

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Name: Orion Belt of the Milkey Way Galaxy – Royalty Free footage
By: Footageisland

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Source: Gypsian Moon

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