Free Spiritual Healing Service

Lately, I’ve been wanting to give back to people. I have been so blessed in my life to have wonderful spirits who walk with and guide me, and I rarely go without anything that I need any more. I always have enough to share, and while I do, there is always room for more kindness and charity in the world.

So, I took it to my spirits and asked again for that wonderful guidance… And as always, they listened and then responded.

It came in a dream. I was standing in the center of what looked like an old marketplace. Think Marrakech night market style. Numerous merchant canopies, dirt ground, lots of noise, food, and people.

For the first few moments I can remember, I was simply observing it from a spot in a corner from just under the canopy of a tree. Not really a top down view but kind of isometric. I could see the entire marketplace.

In an instant, my perspective changed. I was now standing in front of a table under one of the canopies in the market. People were coming up to my table one by one and without a second thought I was preparing some sort of healing for them. I couldn’t see what I was doing or even my hands but it was nonetheless effortless.

My eyes scanned the area and at first everyone looked normal, nothing appeared to be out of place. Just a bunch of people buying/trading food, clothes, etc… But then, I started to notice different colors and geometric shapes on certain parts of the body on handfuls of people at a time. I could see their wounds, their disabilities, their illnesses.

A deep voice came (of which the sound actually brought me out of my dream but not my sleep) out of nowhere and as if speaking right into my ear, it said:

“The world is sick. Make, use and heal. The sign is Charity.”

When I got up, I knew what I needed to do. Give free healing to those in need.

So here I am, offering a free healing service to anyone who may be in need. This service is for anyone who has a physical wound, disease/illness or mental affliction that could use some healing energy sent their way.

If you or someone you know would like their name placed in this healing service, please send me a message with the name, date of birth if possible, and the reason you are requesting healing work.

Every name will be written on its own petition paper and placed with the work and I will work it daily with prayers, song and focused energy.

This service will take place once a month and will run for 7 days. You can add/remove names at any time and I may add a form on my website in the near future to make this alot easier 🙂

This service will happen every single month from now until the foreseeable future. It is my hope that no matter how big or small, that it makes an impact. If I can heal or comfort even one person through this act… It is all worth it.

Please keep in mind that this is not a replacement for your doctor or medicines, and it does not constitute professional medical advice. The spiritual and the mundane must work hand in hand to acheive harmony; this is only but the spiritual part of that equation 😉

And with that, let this service be open to all!


Source: Past The Veil

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