Ex Spiritualists Confess – Demons Pose As Spirit Guides, Ghosts, Aliens…


Doug Harris interviews Laura Maxwell and Adrian Maguire on their experiences of Spiritualism, the Paranormal, New Age, Reiki, Healing, Tarot Cards, etc. This program was first broadcast on Simply the Truth, Revelation TV, London. MORE DETAILS:


Laura Maxwell exposes the Globalist Agenda, the elite NWO cabal, from her inside knowledge of Luciferianism and Theosophy. She and her mother were taught Lucifer is god when involved in New Age and Spiritualism. Now, as a spiritual counsellor, her work is shared worldwide via satellite TV, radio, books, magazines and online.

As well as being a frequent guest on broadcasts, Laura also hosts her own show on Eternal Radio. She interviews ex Occultists and others for their conversion stories and on their reach-out work to spiritual seekers and those in the new age, cults and the occult.

She is the founder of the international ministry Our Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland. Her blog features articles and more by Laura and guest contributors

Laura graduated from Strathclyde University, Scotland, with a BA Honours degree in Psychology.

If you need advice or freedom from spiritual problems or spirits, please see her blog list of suggested Deliverance Ministries:

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