Episode 7: EAJ talks about the healing benefits of Flower Essences with Franziska Stahmann

Episode 7: EAJ talks about the healing benefits of Flower Essences with Franziska Stahmann.
In this episode, the Wanderlust Medium, Clara Alden talks with Franziska Stahmann from the Intuitive Guide about her Heavens Touch Essences.

Franziska began her journey of personal and spiritual development over twenty years ago when, on her travels through Asia, she discovered the transformative practice of meditation. From then on, she attended silence retreats across the continent, as well as retreats in Europe and Australia.

Continuing along her path, she discovered an interest in natural living and healing, and learned the techniques of Reiki. Still searching for answers, she felt drawn to flower essences and their healing powers. She began researching vibrational medicine and felt called to develop a range of essences that combined the potent energies of both flowers and crystals. Trained as a flower essence practitioner to expand her knowledge and practical skills.

She realized that like herself, so many others begin life with traumas and unhealthy influences. These dysfunctions often set you up on self-destructive paths of abuse, addiction and co-dependency, paths that inevitably lead to states of anxiety and depression.

Her life is now dedicated to assisting others who are ready to transform and say yes to life. Through her process of empowering, positive change, showing you to discover your own path.
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