COSMIC YOU 04 – Spirit-Mind Cleansing Cont. / Psychic Empowerment / Thoth as guide.

Welcome, all…
My name is Josh R. I am an artist and I am also a student teacher of dharma and meditation within the Galugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. I am a contemplative psychotherapist through Nalanda NYC and ITM in Toronto. I have studied in the shamanic schools and have been channelling and working with the astral and lucid spaces of mind and heart since early life.

In this fourth teaching, I discuss protecting and clearing our etheric, psychic and physical bodies, developing the correct motivation to template our bodies and methods to prep for Psychic Empowerments and I discuss Thoth as a present mega being which can be understood as relaying realizations and empowerments.

I offer teaching, healing and counselling for those who wish, online and in Toronto Canada.

Much Love and Respect to all.
– Josh (of many spirit names)


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