COSMIC YOU 03 – Building Your Cosmic Practice / Spiritual Pollution-Cleansing / Psychic…

Welcome, all…
(this video cuts off unceremoniously and resumes in COSMIC YOU 04.)Welcome, all.
My name is Josh R. I am an artist and I am also a student teacher of dharma and meditation within the Galugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. I am a contemplative psychotherapist through Nalanda NYC and ITM in Toronto. I have studied in the shamanic schools and have been channelling and working with the astral and lucid spaces of mind and heart since early life.

In this third teaching, I offer a description of spiritual-environmental pollution and the nature of the material and etheric body regeneration. I look at the nature of reality in relation to the cosmic heart and how to use that knowledge to develop spiritual realizations to then begin our “psychic power” training in order to better all beings and evolve our species into the healthiest of directions.

I offer teaching, healing and counselling online and in Toronto Canada for those who wish.

Love and respect to you all.
-Josh (of many spirit names)


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