Aries Weekly Love Reading 10th – 16th Dec, 2018 For Love readings I use the “Starman Tarot” by Davide de Angelis coupled with guidance from “The Psychic Tarot for the Heart” by John Holland and “Widsom of the Orcale” by Collette Baron-Reid. – Amazon links for these decks – USA Starman Tarot – Psychic Tarot […]

“Empathy Magic: How to Make Empathy Second Nature” Have you ever noticed how being heard in a deep, empathic way is like magic? When we’re deeply heard, our whole bodies relax. We return to equilibrium, we can breathe again, and access renewed curiosity, empowerment, and choice. We also get a fresh perspective and new insights: […]

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Hello GEMINI! Welcome back to March readings. If you’d like to skip intro, please go straight to the reading 1:33 Bear with me not looking at the camera, next time I am sure I’ll find the right spot to look at! I’ve also just realized I am thinking in different languages while talking and sometimes […]

ROOT CHAKRA ENTITY REMOVAL ✞ SUBLIMINAL EXORCISM PRAYER ✞ POWERFUL HEALING The Root Chakra Entity will cause its victim to live in fear and experience high anxiety. An attachment here will make you feel as if your very survival is at stake and bring numerous phobias upon you. The victim will often become a hypochondriac. […]