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My favourite crystals for protection from wifi;

My favourite crystals for protection from wifi;

My favourite crystals for protection from wifi;

My favourite crystals for protection from wifi;

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Mark Bajerski has combined powerful healing energy with a blend of natural Incense Sticks from Peru, creating one of the most powerful cleansing sticks in the world.
Along with the healing Mark places in each stick, he also brushes each stick with very fine fragments of Moldavite making these sticks truly one of a kind. Ideal for people who work in the alternative world and who work daily alongside people who need their help; those who are involved in deep healing to release heavy and dark energies. These sticks are the result of a working process to find and make the most powerful cleansing sticks possible.
Mark sourced a village where the local peruvian people dedicate their lives to the growth and collection of natural plants, twigs and herbs in the Andes mountains of Peru. What you will hold in your hand is a 100% natural product, hand crafted from plants & resins native to the Andes Mountains.

The Heart That Gives Is Always Full

– This is one of Mark Bajerski’s principal philosophies in life and one that he truly practices in his everyday living. Mark’s aim is to always empower, uplift and help people to strengthen their spirits, transforming their low energy levels into a high healing vibration.

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