11:11 PICK A CARD what are my unique gifts and abilities as a Lightworker?

Sorry I talk with my hands so much in this video LOL. NOTE: I MADE A MISTAKE WITH THE GROUPS! In the beginning I said group 2 is the amethyst group, but I accidentally did that group 3rd, and group 3 (opalite) came second instead. However, I have a feeling that many people who chose group 2 amethyst will also resonate with the opalite group, so if u chose one of these groups maybe watch both groups!

Please understand this is a general reading so may be not everything I say will resonate with you exactly, but it will reach the people who need to hear it!
🦋Pick a card starts at 2:38
🦋You can choose more than one group if you feel called to

Source: Healing by Jess

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