♦Yellow Diamond Subliminal♦ ♦Unisex♦


♦Yellow diamond’s personality
♦Yellow hair color
♦Yellow eye color
♦same skin color (like Yellow diamond)
♦Yellow diamond’s powers
♦Standard gem abilities(Most from normal gem sub)
♦Healing abilities
♦bring any living being or gem to life by healing
♦Strong Gem
♦Gem Never get broke
♦Ability to heal your gem and others gem
♦Aura Projection
♦Corruption Induction
♦Corruption Reversal
♦Psychic Resistance
♦Psychic Blast
♦Enhanced Strength
♦Aura like Yellow Diamond
♦Desired Weapons
♦Can get extra powers (if desired)
♦Diamond Shaped pupil
♦Gem on chest
♦Gem intelligence
♦Know Gem Technology ex: Warp pad and etc
♦can get children without giving up form
♦ Fast results

Source: Legends Subliminal

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